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Rules: How to report a bug.


How To report a Bug?

Topic Title: the exact name of the spell/quest/achievement/NPC name, etc. and, if possible, a brief description of the problem. For example: "Sha of Fear, kicking out of the game.".

In the subject, specify:

  1. Link to the mob/spell/achievement, etc. on Wowhead or PandaWoW DB.
  2. Describe what exactly is wrong, what is the problem.
    To make it clearer to us, attach a screenshot with this problem or a video. Describe the situation in which it occurred, under what conditions, whether it always repeats so that the developer can repeat your actions and see this problem with his own eyes on the server.
  3. How it should work. Please provide links to Wowhead / WoWwiki / WoWpedia, PandaWoW DB for everything you name in the report
    Any evidence will do, as long as it is not your opinion, but data from the official WoW server.
    If there are analogues in the game that do not work in the same way, specify them, perhaps this is a global bug and the developer will be able to fix all such problems at once.
    If there are analogues in the game that, on the contrary, work, but your example does not, specify this, so it will be easier and faster for us to find the error and correct it.
  4. The realm where you observed the problem.
  5. Priority of the problem. (1-10) This does not mean that if you put 10, the developers will drop everything and start fixing what you described. Ultimately, we ourselves assess the priority in the work.


And don't forget the basic rule: 1 bug (quest/achievement/boss) - 1 report. Do not write several unrelated problems in 1 topic. Thanks.


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