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Bugs Mage PvP


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Hello there,


I'm posting this thread thanks to Chrtistina the in-game GM and my arena partner Shyue.


I'm actually playing on PandaWoW x5 and as a Mageladin comp it's very hard to play against other comps when some of the mage spells are bugged.


** UPDATE 22/04 : Sheep bug has been fixed.


Now there are some bugs i find, correct me if i'm wrong ;


Living bomb is still bugged (Dots still not does critical dmg) => When you LIVING BOMB a frozen target, EVERY DOTS have to do critical damages even if the target is not frozen anymore till the ending of living bomb or when the target dispel the dot.


Frost bomb is bugged (is the server under first patch of s12 ?) : If it is, Under first S12 patchs, when you [Fire Blast] a target under [Frost Bomb] dots, this one explodes doing damages, in pwow x5 it doesn't.


Mirror images are not totally scripted, sometimes (rarely) they go CAC ?? and hit with the staff ? :Booba: (I can put a screenshot of the bug)


The range of the waterbolt on the water elemental is bugged, i don't know exactly the EXACT range but it's not 45yd like said on the spell (screenshots for proof)


These ones are the most important, i will post again if i find other ones.


Thank you for your help ;-)



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