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Pyroblast (Hot Streak Proc) Bug


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1.) https://db.pandawow.me/?spell=11366 https://www.db.pandawow.me?spell=48107/heating-up (Version 5.0.4) (https://imgur.com/a/JbYY0Xe and https://imgur.com/a/BWHcH14)

2.) You can see in the videos below, this exact spell, "Pyroblast!" (https://imgur.com/a/BWHcH14), when thrown at a Frozen Target and critically hits, it will sometimes not register as a Critical Strike for the fire mage's Heating Up Proc Mechanism. (from Heating up to > "Pyroblast!"). Any critical strike from Fire Magic should give the Fire Mage Heating up, and if the fire mage already has heating up, a 2nd critical strike in a row will give the fire mage "Pyroblast!", an instant pyroblast at 25% more damage. However sometimes completely randomly, when you throw a "Pyroblast!" at a frozen target, and it CRITICALLY STRIKES, the entire Heating Up AND "Pyroblast!" does not register for the player, as if it wasn't a crit, losing all initial Heating Up procs, and messing up the fire mage's damage almost entirely. The bug I found has existed for many months, but it has happened very rarely. When it does happen, the entire outcome of a game can change because of it.

3.) The Spell "Pyroblast!" (https://imgur.com/a/BWHcH14), when it critically strikes, it should work in the Heating Up Mechanism for the Fire Mage Spec.

4.) 10/17/2021, however found this bug at least since 2020. Was rare, but is now happening frequently.

5.) Realm : Fun

6.) 8.5/10


Proof: https://streamable.com/p7tzri (Crit for 98k, did not register heating up proc, all damage gone.)

https://streamable.com/fvdx18 (If you slow it down, you can see pyro is thrown before deep freeze fades and combustion lands inside of deep, but only the combustion proc'd heating up, even

though the "Pyroblast!" critically hit for 92k, as you can see visually in the numbers.)


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There's only a visual bug now but the main problem is fixed which was my biggest concern, thank you. I don't have recorded proof cuz the bug is rare, but when it did happen it still worked and registered for an instant pyroblast, but there was just no aura/proc indication aka visual bug
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