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Mirror Images Repost Bug


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1.) Mirror Images (and other classes with similar mechanic like fire ele of shaman)

2.) Always hits off target directly when summoned, never the main target the mage is hitting.

3.) Should always hit the target that the mage has already been hitting first when summoned, not an off nearby target. I don't want to record everytime it happens, I suggest this to be tested as it greatly effects mage pvp.

4.) 1/20/2023 - I posted about this before and was told it wasn't a bug because I did not hit anyone rather a pet hit me first and the mirror's decided to hit it, well here is recorded proof of a different example where I hit my main target and the mirror's summon hit off target.

5.) Realm : Fun

6.) 8.5/10


Proof: https://streamable.com/ceqlke [ simple example ]

https://streamable.com/1ias70 [ when cc is on off target it doesn't hit anything ]

https://streamable.com/x2geyz [ another simple example ]

https://streamable.com/2h1dvy [ An example where i am in combat with someone and the off target is not hitting me ]

https://streamable.com/q47le3 [ How it should work and how it USED to work, this is a different server. ]

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