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I understand every item that drops from Throne of Thunder bosses (except for tier set tokens) should have a small chance to be replaced by an item from Shared Boss Loot table? (screenshot in my previous comment)

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Before releasing this system there is still 1 thing where I lack the information for now. Maybe someone can help out with that.

So the question - Were "Heroic Thunderforged" items available to players in Patch 5.2 or 5.3?


There's some conflicting information around multiple sources that were checked, for example:

https://www.wowhead.com/item=96991/greatsword-of-frozen-hells (Added in patch 5.3.0 "Escalation")

https://www.wowhead.com/item=96918/rune-of-re-origination (Added in patch 5.3.0 "Escalation")


https://www.wowhead.com/item=96794/shattered-tortoiseshell-longbow (Added in patch 5.2.0 "The Thunder King")


#Edit: My question got answered, will finish what remains to do here. Thanks Jegerm 😁

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Throne of Thunder Loot system changed. Here is what you can expect starting from next weekly reset:

  • Default Case (nothing changed here): 2 Items on 10 Man Normal / Heroic | 6 Items on 25 Man Normal / Heroic. Two Possible Scenarios:
    - If boss does not have any Tier Set Tokens in Loot Table -> all loot slots are filled by equipment from boss loot table;
    - If boss has Tier Set Tokens in Loot Table -> half of the loot slots are filled by equipment from boss loot table, while other half is filled with Tier Set Tokens;
    - Cosmetics (Mounts / Pets) use additional loot slot, drop chance is low, so these items are not seen every kill;

Sharded-Loot System:

  • Once loot is generated, every item dropped by the boss (except for Tier Set Tokens & Cosmetics) has a low chance to be replaced by an item from Shared Encounter Loot Table according to raid difficulty (Normal, LFR, Heroic). The chance that this will happen depends on raid difficulty - an individual item to be converted has a higher chance on 10-Man, than 25-Man, but less than LFR.
  • This system does not apply to Ra-Den.

Thunderforged & Heroic Thunderforged (same for Warforged & Heroic Warforged):

  • Once all the items are known, there's a 25% chance on 25 Normal / Heroic and 10% chance on 10 Normal / Heroic that the item will be converted to an upgraded version.


These rules will also apply to Bonus Loot, only difference is that player's loot specialization will also be taken into consideration.


And few more things starting from next week. Currently these things were gated behind Patch 5.3:

- Throne of Thunder Weekly Rares (Each week a different rare will spawn replacing some of the instance trash mobs);

- All Heroic Thunderforged items are now available to drop from bosses. Currently, some are restricted to drop only in Patch 5.3

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